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Writing is an artform that matures with time. It evolves, taking on different life forms imitating pain and beauty in ways that trench itself into the roots of society and personhood. It is a gentle kiss pressed smoothly along healing wounds just as often as it can be a deep stab that exposes its bearer's vulnerabilities and nightmares. J. is a writer; her weapon of choice: a pen. Follow her throughout her journey of self-discovery and naked exposition. 

J. is constantly seeking new opportunities to engage in creative works that showcase her writing style and capabilities. J. is proud of the work she has accomplished and is excited to embark upon many new opportunities. 

You can find her debut novel Bad as in Good on Amazon as well as her four short films (Her Man, Deal, Baby, Product Junkie Rehab, and The Cookout) on YouTube. Her debut, full-length poetry book, Upendo, was released in Spring 2022 and is currently available for purchase on Amazon.



Upendo is a collection of poetry that follows the tangled love story between two souls adrift. As such, it is written from the perspectives of both a man and a woman as they stand at the crux of their emotional dilemma. Essentially, it is a tale of love in its rawest form as it reconciles the discourse of both heartbreak and self-discovery.


What does it mean to love in every sense of the word—but most importantly, what does it mean to love thyself without fault? Upendo is a coming of age story for those drowning in their own vulnerability as they approach the shore of full surrender.



J. Lovelace's short stories have been published twice in Midnight and Indigo's third installment of short stories published by women of color. Midnight & Indigo is a small publisher and literary journal that provides a space for Black women writers to share their narratives in the form of short stories and essays.

How to Find a HusbandStill coping with a recent breakup, Zuri has locked herself in the bedroom she shared with her ex-lover. When she receives a call from his wife, she learns that he has been dead for ten years.

Break: Satima lives in a society where people are cursed to live with the manifestation of their tragedies.



Teeming with dramatic plot twists and wickedly delightful erotic frills, Bad as in Good is a passionate story about two lovers struggling with heartbreak, heartthrobs, and self-fulfillment.

Many of us fall into unrelenting cycles that lead us to inevitable heartbreak—a knee-weakening, nearly unbearable period of withdrawal where we curse our indiscretions and promise to do better next time. But why? Why do we do this to ourselves? That’s the question Erin is constantly asking herself.



J. has written and directed four short films that are available for viewing on YouTube.

Deal, Baby: Two friends who are unlucky at love work out an unusual deal. Deal, Baby sets the premise for a longer series that J. is currently working on. It is also the first short film J. wrote, directed, and filmed. 

Product Junkie Rehab: A support group for individuals with an addiction to natural hair products.

The "Cookout.": Four friends come together to discuss who to invite to the proverbial "cookout."

Her Man: A wife struggles to maintain her happy home when she uncovers her husband's misdeeds.


"Lovelace mixes in a ton of drama, erotic moments and some honest revelations as her characters are rushing to move forward without completely taking care of issues from the past, or listening to the voices (some interior, others exterior) that are warning them off."

Goodreads Reader

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