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J. Lovelace is a published writer, faith blogger, spoken word poet, and indie short filmmaker. With several years of professional and creative writing experience, J. most enjoys telling stories that illustrate the copious sides of woman in a way that echoes deeply with her readers. 


J. Lovelace currently resides in Florida with her husband and two children.

About Me

Author, Poet, Indie Filmmaker, Blogger, Storyteller

J. Lovelace's writing career began as early as grade school. Having fallen in love with the art of story telling, J. has spent the past three decades crafting stories through written and visual platforms with the aim of reaching as many people as possible. To J., writing comes as easily as breathing and thus she simply cannot fare without it. 

Her debut novel, Bad as in Good, was released by Strebor Books in 2014 under the Zane Presents collection. Strebor Books is an imprint managed under Simon and Schuster by best-selling author Zane. Eight years later, J. published her first collection of poetry, Upendo, which follows the love story of a boy and a girl positioned at the crux of their own emotional woe. 

Since 2018, J. began her career as an independent filmmaker who went on to write and direct four short films available for viewing on YouTube.


Stay tuned and follow J. as she launches her next writing project for publication.   


Contact Me

J. is always seeking to connect with like-minded creatives. If you are a writer, filmmaker, creative, or literary agent, drop a line and connect. 

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